Slow Bathroom Drain?
No Problem.

The Original FlexiSnake™ Hair Clog Tool

Just Insert, Twist and Remove For Sinks, Shower & Bathtub Drains

The patent pending FlexiSnake™ Hair Clog Tool snags drain hair like magic! Don’t use slow, ineffective chemical drain cleaners for clogs near the drain stopper. Just slide FlexiSnake into the drain opening, twist and pull. Your drain will run freely immediately. FlexiSnake’s clever hook-and-loop pad is fast, safe and inexpensive. Why use anything else?

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At Canadian Tire, The FlexiSnake is product #063-8724-0 Ask for it by name and/or number.
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At Walmart Canada, The FlexiSnake is product #030993015 Ask for it by name or number.


How 'deep' do I have to insert the FlexiSnake?
Generally, hair clogs get caught in the drain stopper mechanism which is about 6-8 inches into the drain. It is possible (and for shower drains) that the hair clog is in the drain trap which means it is about 18 inches from the top. FlexiSnake is designed with a long bendable wand so that it can reach the drain trap.  
I am having difficulty removing the hair clog, what am I doing wrong?
After the FlexiSnake has been inserted it is important to twist the FlexiSnake while removing it so that it will securely grab the hair clog. Also, it may be effective to work on the opposite side of the drain. For example, if you were inserting FlexiSnake on the left side with no result, then try the right side.
Why are there two different shapes for the FlexiSnakes?
In order to accommodate different drain openings, FlexiSnake comes in two different sizes.
Is the FlexiSnake reusable?
Yes, FlexiSnake can be reused by removing the accumulation. Some people will insert the clog in a plastic bag to remove the accumulation, but it is important to remove all the debris so FlexiSnake "micro-hooks" will be effective next time (a stiff brush and soap and water is helpful). Others consider the clog to be too 'gross' to deal with and prefer to dispose of the FlexiSnake and start with a new one.  
What kind of clogged drains will FlexiSnake work on?
FlexiSnake is designed to  work on bathroom sinks, showers and bathtubs where there has been an accumulation of hair/soap/shampoo/toothpaste that causes a clog in the drain.
What makes the FlexiSnake effective in unclogging bathroom drains?
FlexiSnake has patented "micro-hooks" that grab and hold the hair clog and the bendable wand makes it possible to insert it into the drain without drain disassembly.
Do you use FlexiSnake with other chemical drain cleaning products?
No, do not use FlexiSnake in conjunction with any liquid drain cleaning products as this can be hazardous. FlexiSnake is an environmentally friendly way to deal with slow bathroom drains without resorting to harsh chemicals.
What is the difference between FlexiSnake and other drain unclogging products?
FlexiSnake is unique in that it has patented "micro-hooks" that grab and hold the hair clog. Other products that have barbs do not have an adequate mechanism to hold the clog securely for removal and the barbs can hang up on drain apparatus or cause injury to the user - FlexiSnake "micro-hooks" target and hold only the hair clog while being safe for the user. And, the FlexiSnake's narrow shaft allows user to "spin" the tool to "lock-on" to the hair-clog easily. This is not the case with other products have a stiff wide shafts.


Just like my bathroom shower, my husband was slow to respond to my complaints. I saw the FlexiSnake at a local store. It worked fine once I got the hang of it. PT, London, ON
I found FlexiSnake fairly easy to use and very effective.  I couldn't clean it for reuse as it was too filthy and the tiny hooks held the gunk very firmly. DG, Halifax, NS
I had some difficulty using FlexiSnake at the beginning since I am not very tool savvy. But after a few minutes of practice, out came the messy smelly hair clog. Thank you FlexiSnake, I do not have to rely on my husband for this job anymore. MH, Edmonton, AB
Previously I would disassemble the bathroom sink drain to clean it. It would take me at least an hour lying uncomfortably on my back under the sink. With FlexiSnake, I removed the hair clog in just two minutes without any tools. I am impressed. DB Cambridge, ON
Wow, what I removed from my bathroom drain was really disgusting but now my drain runs freely. RC, Fort Erie, ON



FlexiSnake Canada has money-back guarantees with our retailers to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our Hair Clog Removal Tool. If you are unsatisfied with FlexiSnake, please return it to the retail outlet where you made your purchase.

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